About Me

I am Alice, wedding planner and Umbrian designer.
A designer of special atmospheres, of great emotions, of unrepeatable days.
My goal is to assist each couple in the construction of the wedding that they've always dreamed of, looking for inspiration in their history, translating it and recounting it, adding my own personal touch.
I strongly believe in human relationships, this is why all the couples that i work with aren't just clients for me, they are people with whom I try to come into confidence and that I want to make happy.
I believe that creativity needs to be nourished by a careful and sensitivesight, that knowing how to do your work is fundamental but that alone can't do everything.
A great passion, years of experience in the sector, attention to the smallest details and trusted suppliers selected over time, are what I can offer you.
If you are looking for a wedding planner who can guide you in the realization of the wedding of your dreams, write to me! I 'll be happy to work with you.

My Works

Every couple for which I had the honor of working gave me something special.
Here is a selection of my most recent works.

What they say about Me

"Alice went beyond my expectations; did not realize the wedding of my dreams, because even in my dream I could have imagined such a magical event. One of Alice's great merits, according to my experience, is the ability to create targeted and personalized ideas, thanks to the personal relationship that she manages to establish with the spouses. (...) Working with Alice for a year, I realized that for her this is not a job but a great passion; puts all of itself in every phase of preparation, until the very day of the marriage. she was able to organize our marriage at a distance (Milan -Perugia), keeping me constantly updated step by step."


"We met Alice through common knowledge, having previously seen some of his works on his Facebook page we were intrigued by originality and attention to detail. As soon as we presented our ideas to Alice, she immediately succeeded not only in understanding our tastes, but also in customizing them, showing us the evolution of the project every time.Extremely helpful and punctual in the schedule of appointments, she knew with the right timing and relative skills to realize that day as we wanted it."


"I will never have exact or perfect words to thank Alice for her professionalism, her taste in creating the whole event in the smallest details and thus creating our unique and particular wedding of its kind with Chiara & Daniele (...) a hurricane of talent, love and dedication to her work and to the people she works for. Able to establish an exclusive relationship with the spouses and guide a team to the realization of the event of your dreams, from the graphics, to the flowers, to the preparations, a taste and a whimsical and at the same time welcoming style that portrays the couple of spouses and their story."


"Alice Pelliccia Serafini, the wedding planner that everyone would like to have! She is truly a professional. At hand, close, present, friendly, confident, sincere, caring, reassuring.For our wedding she worked from the first moment with enthusiasm andpassion, following us in every step from the preparations to the day of the wedding, starting from the inspections for the choice of the location.her knowledge and skills in the field are evident, she works with the artist's inspiration and has very refined tastes. Her advice, her work and her passion, have led to a truly excellent result! "



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“Beati coloro che si baceranno sempre al di là delle labbra, varcando il confine del piacere, per cibarsi dei sogni ``
Ada Merini